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Welcome to Lede By Example, where we talk to business leaders about their passions - in life, and at work, and how their journey can help others. Hosted by Jason Manning, we look forward to bringing you an inside look at how business leaders are inspired to do amazing things - and Lede By Example.

Each of our guests has an interesting story to tell, and they just might have a lot in common with you. Join us on this journey to find out what inspires these people to do what they do, and where that passion comes from. Jason is joined by co-host, Matt Berry, founder of Conversion Marketing, an avid storyteller who appreciates learning from fellow business leaders.

This podcast is brought to you by Conversion Marketing, bringing decades of experience in storytelling and marketing to B2B and tech companies who also Lede By Example.

Welcome to Lede by Example! In our first episode, co-hosts Jason Manning and Matt Berry chat about Conversion Marketing, how trips to Africa with IBM have inspired Matt’s career, and how Phish concerts are truly a fam-jam.

Matt’s friend of 30+ years Brian Boffa joins the podcast for a chat about human capital management, football, and connecting business leaders through a shared passion for Phish. Brian is a Partner at Consolidated Human Resources.

Meet our host Jason Manning

Jason has been interviewing celebrities, musicians and other interesting people for the past 20 years. Born and raised in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, Jason spends his days on-air, collecting records, eating burgers, and of course checking out shows, whenever he can!

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