Replacing Information with Inspiration

Replacing Information with Inspiration


“The appetite for information is quickly filled; the appetite for hope is bottomless.”

I read these words recently, and they’ve really stuck with me. We’re all inundated with content, it comes at us from every direction and device. It’s also become increasingly hard to know who to trust, and where to go for meaningful content (which is very subjective). A story that strikes a chord with you, might not have any impact on me.

So when it comes to staying informed, like most people, I have my standard set of ‘go to’ apps on my phone, where I consume the majority of ‘my’ content throughout the day: Twitter, CNN, Reddit, NPR, NYT and a few others, including my local news app.

Just one of many screens of news apps.

If you look at my phone, you might come to the conclusion that I’m addicted to the news, and I’m far from the only one. In fact, it was the topic of comedian Jim Gaffigan’s weekly commentary on CBS Sunday Morning: Confession of a news junkie.

“Sunday Morning,” as it’s known, is a great example of what I think is quality, meaningful content. It both informs and entertains. At times it delights me, and at others it depresses me. Here’s a show – with different hosts and staff – that’s been producing incredible stories for 40 years – feeding our hunger for purposeful content.

Each story is masterly crafted, and full of enlightening information. I rarely miss an episode, and I find it often helps me think of new stories we can tell, and how we can tell them – with and on behalf of our clients.

While CBS Sunday Morning has been around for 4 decades, there are plenty of newer media outlets and apps with incredible content – telling stories that can’t help but inspire.

Great Big Story, for example, somehow manages to find the most unique and compelling stories imaginable – day after day! Each one is filled with new images, thoughts and inspiration. I’m always amazed how they never slip on the quality of the storytelling, imagery and production.

Most recently I’ve been turned onto GOOD and Upworthy, two online publications filled with compelling content – articles, videos and infographics. According to their website “We bring people together, change perceptions, and inspire actions that impact culture for good.” Maybe that’s the secret sauce?

It’s meaningful, impactful, inspiring…it’s hard to describe, but you know great content when you see/read it. That’s half the battle in the world of marketing – developing content that really matters to someone. The other half is reaching the ‘someone,’ the right audience, but that’s for another blog.

At Conversion Marketing, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to unearth incredible stories – then put in the time, thought and energy to bring those stories to life in smart and engaging ways. It’s not easy for any business to develop this type of content, and I’d argue even harder for B2B enterprises, like the ones we typically work with.

More Content? Yes, Please

One of the best parts of my job is the research and discovery aspect because I’m always on the hunt for new sources of quality content. Because as hard as it is, it’s out there – so we’ll continue to raise the bar as the quality of content overall improves over time. Companies are realizing that pushing product-centric content out doesn’t equate to effective marketing campaigns.

I’ve got a sign with “Replacing Information with Inspiration” hanging on the wall of my office. It’s a constant reminder that the audiences we’re trying to reach do not need more of the same information. It’s those brands that find a way to use content to inspire, that are the ones who will see the best results.

Sounds simple but the work that goes on beyond the scenes is far from it. But it’s all for a good cause – meaningful content. Hopefully this blog wasn’t just ‘more information,’ but serves as even a small bit of inspiration.

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