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Matt Berry

A true leader by nature, Matt Berry is the driving force behind Conversion Marketing. From his time working for world-class PR agencies in New York City, through his development at IBM, Matt has acquired a rich and multifaceted wealth of knowledge and skills. Over 15-years at IBM, Matt worked his way up from entry-level to Vice President of Corporate Communications. Under his guidance, his teams built the brand and communications strategy behind IBM’s multibillion-dollar business—including IBM MobileFirst and IBM’s Smarter Planet. In 2017, Matt left the corporate world behind to develop his own agency and curate a team of like-minded senior marketing specialists—driven to work hard and enjoy the ride.


Matt holds a B.A. from the School of Journalism at San Diego State University. While San Diego remains Matt’s favorite place to be, he calls New Jersey home. When he’s not in the office, Matt taps into his other sources of inspiration, creativity, and endurance – his wife Monica and their three children – Jack, Lyla, and Sam – his New York Mets, The Grateful Dead, and Phish.

Joanne Macdonald

Joanne Macdonald is a skilled communicator, team builder, and marketing professional. Joanne excels at putting the pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to building programs that convert and drive sales. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with technology companies ranging from start-ups and mid-size, scaling to prep for acquisition, to industry leaders including IBM where her team launched IBM’s Mobile First. Joanne holds a master’s degree in business and is inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with clients to implement programs that drive awareness, customer acquisition, engagement, and conversion.


When she’s not teaming with clients to build business, you’ll find Joanne outside running, hiking, skiing, and enjoying the west coast of Canada with her husband, two teenage daughters, and two black labs.

Joanne Macdonald

A skilled communicator, team builder and marketing professional, Joanne excels at building bridges to connect Marketing, Sales and Product teams with programs and content that drive sales. Over the past 20 years Joanne has worked with technology companies ranging from start-ups, to mid-size scaling in prep for acquisition, to industry leaders including IBM where her team launched IBM’s Mobile First offering at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


Joanne holds a Master’s degree in Business and is inspired by the opportunity to collaborate with clients to implement programs that drive awareness, customer acquisition, engagement and conversion.


An active mom with two teens. When she’s not teaming with clients to build business, you’ll find Joanne outside running, hiking, skiing and enjoying the west coast with her husband, daughters and her black lab Piper.

Ron Favali

Ron Favali brings nearly 20 years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing and communications. His expertise focuses on storytelling to help clients develop their message, target it to the right audience, and deliver it through the proper channels.


Most recently, Ron served as program director responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications for IBM’s ground-breaking partnership with Apple. Other marketing and communications positions at IBM included launching IBM’s Mobile business and leading communications for IBM’s integration software and server businesses. He also led campaigns for a range of enterprises and start-up clients at what was one of the fastest-growing high-tech PR agencies in NYC. An avid runner, Ron resides in Florida with his wife and two sons.


Meaghan Reid has a background that is as diverse in its range as its geographic reach—from teaching English in South Korea and working in marketing at an educational start-up in India, to developing content for a wide variety of companies across the US, Canada, and Asia. Meaghan’s strength is in understanding the nuances of a brand and distilling messaging into compelling content that tells a story. Meaghan has also worked closely with municipal and government leaders and led an election campaign for a candidate at the provincial government level.


Meaghan has a B.A. in English, lives in Vancouver, and hops on a plane whenever she can to explore the world.

Kat Burns

Kat Burns brings 15 years of creative, production, and management experience to the Conversion team. Throughout her career, she’s filled many roles throughout the marketing and entertainment industries. Kat’s driving purpose is to create content that makes a difference for people. She enjoys envisioning an idea from the ground up and seeing it come to fruition in various forms. Kat is also passionate about communication and building partnerships wherever possible. Her diverse skill set has enabled her to work with incredible organizations and brands like; Activision, Saturday Night Live (NBC Universal), Best Buy, Legendary Digital Networks, Adult Swim, and IBM.


Kat holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Originally from Connecticut, after living in NYC, LA, and various cities around the world, she recently decided to make Lisbon, Portugal her new home, and enjoys the beautiful view, while sipping local wine on her terrace.

Alan “Chip” Green Jr.



A singer-songwriter-performer, Chip brings a unique perspective and the spirit of collaboration to the art of marketing. Committed to his community and a seasoned world-traveler, he is passionate about many causes and is an unwavering advocate for diversity and inclusivity; a champion of volunteerism and community initiatives. His genuine joie de vivre is the lens through which he sees the world and is reflected in both his personal and professional life.

Gary Schaefer



Gary Schaefer is an award-winning executive with extensive expertise in all facets of marketing-communications. He has a knack for developing programs that drive clear value propositions in support of strategic marketing initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. He holds a BS in Marketing as well as a Master’s in Business, is a published author and all-around creative juggernaut. A former client, Gary joined Green Ink in 2003, and has since helped transform the business into a true marketing ‘agency’, with strong processes combined with flexibility.

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